Our Esteemed Jury Panel For The 2021 Award Season.

These 5 Industry Pros Will Decide Who Takes Home Our Electron Trophies During The Live Presentation Of The Indie Volt Comic Book Awards Show!

Erik Hodson

15 Year commercial illustrator, Dreaded Dinosaur Man, Rowdy Roddy Piper: The Kilted Avenger, Host of Indie Volt’s “IT CAME FROM WEBTOON”.

Randy Zimmerman

Randy Zimmerman has been producing and self-publishing alternative and independent comics of all types for well over three decades and has done just about every job the Direct Comic Market has to offer including Retailing, Distributing, and organizing conventions. Randy’s current specialty is producing sequential art for advertising and educational purposes, as well as self-publishing under the Arrow Comics banner. Randy has been a steady contributor to the Indie Volt since early 2018.

Lola The Indie Princess

8 year Independent Comic Publisher, co-founder of Last Call Comics LLC, Editor and Chief of IndieVolt.com, Host of Indie Volt’s GeekGasm. Indie Volt Radio (Music Curator) 

Victor Dandridge Jr

The #HWMIC Victor Dandridge Jr.  is a self-publishing creator from Columbus, Ohio. In 2011, he launched his own creator-owned imprint, Vantage:Inhouse Productions, where he’s successfully published hit series The Samaritan, Origins Unknown, and The Trouble w/Love.

JD Calderon

JD Calderon has been writing and producing indy comics for over 20 years and in the mid 90’s worked professionally for such companies as CPM comics, and P-Anime producing Tenchi Muyo, Phantom Quest Corp, and Iczer-3. He’s currently working on The Oswald Chronicles and Tall Tails.